Mechanical, Hydraulic
& Navigational Dredging

Navigational Dredging [River]

Ryba Marine is an industry leader in mechanical and hydraulic dredging services. We have extensive experience in dredging, handling, transporting, treating and disposal of all types of dredge material. We are experienced in handling contaminated materials and impacted sediment, unloading and hauling material to confined disposal facilities and other unique circumstances. Using GPS surveying systems, our clients are provided with pre-dredge and post-dredge surveys.

Hydraulic Dredging

We operate and maintain a large fleet of heavy equipment which includes general construction equipment, specialized marine vessels, cranes and excavator-mounted spud barges, and all associated support equipment. We have completed multiple pilot studies for beneficial reuse of impacted sediment, with over 35 years experience in the dredging industry, Ryba Marine’s capabilities exceed industry standards.

Great Lakes Navigational Dredging